Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More Movies to Check Off for #30

I haven't been accomplishing much on my 101 List since Cuba. I got so much knocked off in one week that I sort of took a 101 break when I got home.

But the one thing I never take much of a break from? Watching movies.
So I have a my J & P movies to cross off for #30 - Watch 26 movies I've never seen before starting with each letter of the alphabet.

The "J" movie is embarrassing. But if you follow me over at Jill's World, you already know that I've been afflicted by Bieber Fever. I swore this would never happen to me, but I've fallen victim to the Bieb's charm. You can read about my sad decline into the ramblings of a 14-year-old girl here. And here. And here.

So yes, I saw the Bieber movie in theatres. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never 3D. And yes, I know how pathetic that sounds, coming from an old lady like me. But just for the record, my twenty-something friend Lindsay came too. I'm not alone in this Old Lady Justin Bieber Fan Club. (Sorry for calling you an old lady, Linds. You know what I mean.)

And also for the record? It's really good. Call him a floopy-haired little fruit if you want, but I swear, if you see the movie, you'd give the kid a little more respect. It's because of the movie that I've become a Bieber fan. His story is truly remarkable, and say what you will, the boy's got talent.

Okay. Enough. I've been pimpin' the Biebs out on my blogs too much lately. I know this. I'll stop now.

As for my "P" movie, you can also head to my other blog and read all about my afternoon date with Paranormal Activity 2 here. Any movie that has a baby being stalked by an invisible demon is not cool with me. Wasn't as scary as the first, but still gave me the shivers.

The sequel is actually more of a prequel to the original, in which happy couple Micah and Katie are torn apart by an evil entity that is haunting their home and eventually enters Katie's body and kills Micah. With this flick, we go back a few month's before Katie & Micah's horror story, and are introduced to Katie's sister Kristi and her family: husband Daniel, step-daughter Ali, and new baby Hunter. They begin experiencing similar paranormal activity that we originally saw with Katie & Micah. But this time, it's centreing around Baby Hunter.

Through security cameras stationed throughout their home, we are able to see Baby Hunter staring into space in the middle of the night while the family dog acts very strangely, and other odd occurrences take place: the baby's mobile moving, lights flickering, pots and pans falling off their hooks in the kitchen, the rocking chair moving on it's own, the creepy crawler in the pool jumping out by itself every night, the TV acting strangely, odd bumps and footsteps, and so on.
When Kristi asks Katie to help her remember what happened when odd paranormal activity happened to them as children, Katie orders her sister to stop talking about it, because she believes whatever is haunting them thrives on the attention, and will go away if ignored.

Oh, Katie. If only you knew...

So yeah. It's totally silly and the two stories don't entirely match up and I think this "prequel" sort of ruins the spooky magic of the original.

That being said, demons and evil entities freak me out, so yes, I am still sleeping with the hall light on at night.

But that's nothing new for me.


Lindsay said...

ha ha I'm old, I'm a Belieber and I'm proud! I sure hope there's a sequel to Never Say Never!! xo

Nicole said...

If you're ashamed to claim to be a Bieber fan, are you really a fan?

Nicole said...

dang I forgot my LOL!

Jill said...

Not necessarily ashamed of it...just taking some heat from friends for it, that's all. If I could turn them all into Beliebers I would! LOL said...

It always amazes me to hear others bad mouthing famous people...Especially children and teen stars. I mean, really, would you go around bad mouthing a "regular" 16 or 17 year old? I highly doubt it. I've heard so many people comment about how they HATE Justin Bieber...There's one thing to dislike a style of music or fashion, but to hate a person for it? Seems odd to me. I recently heard someone comment about how they think he is a snotty, spoiled kid and that they couldn't stand him...Hmmmm...Seems odd that someone would formulate such a strong opinion of someone they have never met!?

Anyways...I'm with ya Jill. I think he is a talented, adorable little guy! :)

Sorry for the ramble....haha!

Jill said...

That's okay Les! I'm totally in that camp! People tend to forget that they're still human beings, not just "stars"...What bothers me is when people say things like, "I wish someone would assassinate him" - Really? Just because you don't like his music? Is that really called for?

He's just a kid. And he's definitely talented and adorable. Long live Bieber! LOL ;)