Wednesday, April 13, 2011

4th Book of the Year - Complete

It took a while, but I finally finished my 4th book for #19 - Read 10 Books in One Year. I'd had Shopaholic Ties the Knot by Sophie Kinsella sitting on my shelf for quite some time, and I decided to read it before taking on our next book club selection, Crow Lake.

I don't know what it was with this book. I've read many of Sophie Kinsella's chick lit offerings in the past and always enjoyed them, but I found this one tedious and not nearly as funny as the others.

Basically, the story follows our beloved Shopaholic, Becky Bloomwood, after she becomes engaged to her long-time millionaire beau, Luke Brandon. Becky somehow ends up torn between two weddings - a hokey hometown wedding that her mom is planning for her back in England, and a grand marital event that Luke's mother is footing the bill for in New York City...both planned for the same date.

Every couple of chapters, Becky changes her mind.

"I want to get married at home!"

"No, I want to get married at the Plaza!"

"My mum will be so upset if I cancel now..."

"My NYC wedding planner will sue me if I cancel now!!"

Holy jumpins! Make up your damn mind!!!

So yes. I tired of this very quickly, but forced myself to trudge through it. This should have been a quick, easy read. Fluff. Pure enjoyment.

Not so much.

The good news? I started Crow Lake yesterday while home sick, which is our next book we're reading for Book Club, and I'm over half-way through it already. So I should be half-way through this task shortly, and it's not even summer yet! Yay me!! :)

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