Thursday, November 3, 2011

Yes! I actually have STUFF TO CROSS OFF!!

Slowly but surely, I'm whittling away at the ol' 101 List.

Here's what I've been up to lately:

#9 - Lose 20 lbs. Those of you who follow my blog at Jill's World are probably pretty familiar with my current weight loss project by now. First, I was trying to lose weight for my friend Lindsay's wedding, which is in May 2012. Then, a few weeks ago, my brother got engaged, and his fiancee Amanda asked me to be in their wedding as well - and they're getting married in February 2012. Of course, I took the absurd notion to order dress sizes that are too small for me currently, so I have no choice but to lose weight. Trust me, folks, this is a good thing. Since changing my eating habits and ramping up my exercise in late August, I have lost 20 lbs. (Don't believe me? Go to my other blog and see the nifty weight-loss ticker on the sidebar!) #9 - CHECK!! (And hopefully at least double that in the next 3 months!)

#33 - Attend at least 3 Ottawa Senators hockey games per season within the 1001 days. I got to my first game of the 2011-2012 season on Sunday October 30th. I actually won the first-level tickets after entering a Facebook contest hosted by the Team 1200 radio station! I hardly ever win anything, so this was pretty exciting. Plus, the enemy in town was our loathed rival, the Toronto Maple Leafs. I invited my friend Sharon to come along, and we had a blast - especially since the hometeam earned the narrow 3-2 victory! GO SENS GO!! And thanks to the Team 1200 for the awesome seats - Section 113 Row D!!! I've never sat so close in my life, it was heaven!!

#52 - Buy a lottery ticket. Sounds simple enough, right? But never before had I bought myself a lottery ticket. I didn't know how. People have given them to me as gifts before, but I've never purchased one myself - because I didn't know what to ask for. So many times I've gone into the store intending to buy one, but I always chickened out. Sooooo silly. Anyways, it was like a little stroke of fate last night when I was in paying for my gas when Mary, the cashier, said to me, "Would you like to buy a ticket for tonight's 649, Jilly?" Before I had a chance to second-guess myself, I said, "Sure! How much are they?" She said, "Oh, just $2, another dollar for the extra if you want it." So I said, "Sure!" I really have no idea what that means, but I forked over my $3 and got my very first lottery ticket! Fingers crossed that I'm a big winner! (haha!)

#79 - Get an updated picture taken with my family. I'm checking this one off, even though it's not technically my whole family. It's a picture taken with my siblings, siblings-in-law, niece, nephew, and puppy nephew. Thanksgiving weekend, my mom assembled us on the front steps to get a "Christmas Card" photo. We did this several years ago - all of us - but she and my dad aren't in this one. Close enough...

#100 - Come in 2nd place in the Car Rally. Car Rally time has come and gone again, and once again, I have failed to place 2nd. This year we were SO CLOSE. We ended up tying for 3rd (with my family, of course). It's one of those very fine lines...we definitely don't want to WIN, so I guess if I had to fall on either side of 2nd, 3rd is the best place to be. Maybe next year!

So it hasn't exactly been a "flurry of 101 List activity", but at least it's a few more things to check off!


Nicole said...

cute picture but that puppy is adorable!

Sandra said...

Car ralley, huh...well, they always have a big on in Petawawa, Ontario (hour an a half from Ottawa) in June. Maybe you can get second or first at that car ralley!

Fifi @ AboutBloggingTime! said...

Thanks for stopping by my page, gladly returning the follow!

Date Girl said...

Feels so good to check things off a list doesn't it? I can't believe you've never bought a lotto ticket before? I'm a big fan of scratchers, and I usually just get them for Christmas in my stocking. They're my fav!