Friday, November 12, 2010

#45 - Check!! & Happily Watching DVDs in Bed!!

Falling asleep had never been a problem for me. Until this past summer.

But after the emotional & unexpected upheaval that my family went through in late July and early August, I discovered sleep no longer came easily. My brain just wouldn't shut off, and I'd find myself tossing and turning long into the night, flooded with memories, tears, and "no fairs".

Up until then, I had a TV with a built-in VCR that my friend Brenda gave me when I first moved in to my own place that had been very rarely used. I usually watched TV downstairs, read for a while in bed, then shut my lamp off and fell asleep without any trouble.

But I had a new reality of insomnia to deal with. And during one of those sleepless nights, I thought, "Might as well pop a movie in if I'm going to be lying here awake anyways."

So since then, I've been rotating between the same five VHS videos - 10 Things I Hate About You, She's All That, The Cutting Edge, Rock Star, and A Cinderella Story. And as much as I love them, they're starting to get a little old.

In recent days, sleep has been much easier to come by, and most nights I fall asleep about 10-15 minutes into the movie. But a habit has been formed, and apparently now I can't drift into dream world without the soft background noise of a movie quietly playing.

For that reason, #45 on my list was Get a DVD player for my room. And since I didn't have a lot of cash floating around, I had decided to put a DVD player on my Christmas list. I was willing to wait until then to finally start watching some of my favourites in my DVD collection while snuggled up with blankets and pillows!

Enter: My friend Lindsay.

The other day, while talking Christmas, I mentioned that I had a DVD player on my list for my room, and right away she mentioned that she had one she was no longer using. By the end of the day, I was going home with a DVD player for my room, and that night, I got to watch The Ugly Truth in my pjs! least the first half-hour!

So now #45 is crossed off the list, and I couldn't be happier.

Thanks again Linds!! :)


Stacy said...

Woo hoo - wait to go Linds - now Jill can sleep

Lindsay said...

ha ha I'm so glad that you can now watch a wider variety of movies and that someone I know/love can get use out of the DVD player! :-) xo