Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Few More Check Marks

So, it's been pretty dull on the 101 front these days. Not a whole lot accomplished, and I honestly haven't even been thinking much about it.

Has the 101 List novelty worn off? I hope not. There's still a lot of great stuff on that list I want to accomplish, and I don't want to just forget about it.

Plus, I need to uphold my status of "101 Cop" as a few of my kin have recently crowned me. ;)

First off, there is #99 - Direct a Murder Mystery that someone tells me is the best one ever. Honestly - and no offense to my wonderful cast this year, because they were truly wonderful! - I wasn't sure if this task was possible. Like, ever. Because last year's cast? They were pretty incredible. I wasn't sure it was possible to top them!

But you know what? It happens every year. Every year, they bring it. And every year, I hear someone say, "Pretty sure that was the best one ever..."

This year, it was my cousin Patti, who also MC'd the event. In her closing thank you's after the play was over, she made the comment that after every Murder Mystery event, she and Mae McCann have the same conversation, and Mae tells her that she doesn't think they'll ever be able to top the year before, but then they do. And according to Patti, this conversation happened yet again this year!

So while the exact words "best one ever" weren't actually used, I'm going to go ahead and cross this one off the list, thanks to Patti and to all the others who congratulated us on another successful Murder Mystery. The cast was, once again, amazing, and they had the crowd in stitches all night long.

Troy & Steph as Kaptain Flake and Officer Diddler

Last year's was a tough act to follow, but I think we pulled it off!

I was also able to get another game in for #33 - Go to at least 3 Senators games per season last night, when Luke and I were at Scotiabank Place with the Edmonton Oilers in town.
We lost 4-1. It wasn't pretty. In fact, it was quite possibly the most boring game I've ever been to. And while the Oiler fans in attendance didn't out-number the Sens fans, they chanted loudly, and often drowned out our feeble "Go Sens Go" attempts. To be honest, by about half-way through the first period, I was growing weary of the chanting battle, and everytime they started up the "LET'S GO OILERS, LET'S GO!", I couldn't help but roll my eyes.

Later on in the game, and after the Oilers had taken the lead, it became downright annoying.

Also annoying? The twit behind me who called our beloved captain "that cherry-picking Alfredsson". Seriously. Wanted to turn around and slap her.

To cap off the evening of splendour?? Trying to get out of Parking Lot 5, which can only be described as an absolute clusterfuck (pardon my language). It was insane. We barely moved for half an hour. And we both agreed that we would never, ever park there again.

Was there an upside to the evening? Indeed. The yummy Pizza Hut supper that baby bro treated me to before the game. And the "Great Games in Senators History" segment on the jumbotron, which featured the Game 3 Stanley Cup Final match-up in Ottawa vs. the Anaheim Ducks, in which Ottawa won 5-3. Wade Redden not only got mentioned for setting up the winning goal, but he was also shown celebrating at the end of the game. It was bliss. Bittersweet bliss.

So here's a picture of Wade, just because I love him so much. And it's been so long since I've put up a picture of him. On any of my blogs.


Tonight, I tackle organizing my closet. If for no other reason than my Christmas wrapping paper is all in there somewhere, but I can't see it for the pile of clothes, gift bags, shoes, and hangers piled up!

I'll let you know how that goes...

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