Tuesday, November 2, 2010

#90 & #97 - Complete!

Halloween weekend has come & gone, and I was able to cross a few more items off my list.

#90 - Carve a pumpkin : I should get a double-bonus for this one, because I carved two! But you know what I discovered? It's something I fail to remember from year to year. I buy the pumpkins, I design the faces I want to create, and I get so excited for pumpkin carving day.

And after an hour of hacking into tough pumpkin skin & flesh, scooping out slimy pumpkin guts, altering my designs because they're too complicated to create without slicing the pumpkin into smithereens, I remember...

I hate carving pumpkins.

Hated it when I was a kid. Still hate it now.

But the end results were satisfying - not too elaborate, but a nice touch on my front doorstep for the trick-or-treaters!

#97 - Rake leaves and put them in pumpkin bags for Halloween : Another task which I accomplished this past Saturday, in anticipation of the big day.

But again, a slightly frustrating job, as I realized my pumpkin bags were extremely flimsy and see-through, and I had almost no leaves left in my yard to rake. I did, however, have some brush that my mom had piled up when she cut back my flower beds. Which totally shredded my bags as I was filling them, and I ended up standing outside in the icy drizzle with scotch tape, trying to repair them, and even at that, there were sticks poking out of them everywhere.


The only good thing about my pumpkin bags? Their faces glowed in the dark. But I didn't even realize that until I was throwing them in my dark garage last night!

Hope everyone had a safe & happy Halloween!


Stacy said...

Your pumpkins turned out better than ours - and I feel the same way as you do - I hate carving pumpkins...I actually like de-gutting it just so I can cook my pumpkin seeds but I am not a good carver!
Your pumpkin bags are cool (and I didnt even notice them at all this weekend when I was at your place) - you could have came to my house to borrow some leaves - when we got rid of our big trees in the front, I thought "YES - NO LEAVES THIS YEAR" - however, it seems I have everyones leaves that blow down the hill...and my back yard, well it still has a big tree back there and my yard in the back is COVERED in leaves!
Oh well - at least you were able to cross things off, unlike me who couldn't cross off "Be in a Parade" because of the stupid weather!

Jill said...

haha - when I was complaining of the lack of leaves in my yard, my mom suggested I go down to your place to "borrow" some!!
So glad to know my glow-in-the-dark bags weren't even noticeable. LOL! oh well!
And that was definitely one of the benefits of carving the pumpkins...lots of seeds! yum! But even that's a pain-in-the-ass job, picking them out of the slime. ugh. But worth it I guess!
Maybe we should organize a float for the Christmas parade and get that item crossed off, Stace!

Stacy said...

yep sounds good to me!!
at least the christmas one - i will have the truck and it won't be hunting season
however I am sure it will be the same night as our potluck/exchange!